Saturday, August 15, 2009

W5T3 Reading & Writing Activities

This week we're going to be working through a unit of reading & writing about Yucky Soup and writing about our Tiles. We've also got spelling to practise and handwriting everyday!

Yucky Soup - Reading

Tiles - Writing

Poem - Yucky Soup - (Monday only)

Spelling - don't go to this link until you're sure you know all the words!

Handwriting - we're working our way through Yucky Soup for this week's handwriting.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

W10 T2 Reading/Language

This week we're going to concentrate on Matariki.

We'll be creating group storyboards (using the comic layout) about Matariki.

Some links for research:

(The links are all on the one page - including a WickEd site to test your knowledge.)

The story we will use for our storyboarding is the Star Fishes one.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Week 9 Term 2 Reading/Language Activities.

Here are your reading/language activities for this week. There are six different activities so you'll need to pace yourself. You also need to make sure you've finished your picture and script from last week's writing BEFORE you start any of these activities.

Spelling: There are two activities - one easy, one hard. You can do both if you like.
Spelling & Sentence construction (easy)
Spelling (hard)

Back in My Day Voicethread story


Back in My Day Cloze exercise

The Tortoise and The Eagle - fable from Africa

I will be reading with all the reading groups this week. Make sure you've read the 'Back in My Day' story before you come to read with me.

And as an extra activity if you finish everything else - you can go to and do some BEA activities there.

W9T2 Spelling

This is a harder spelling activity for you to do. You can do it right here in the blog post or click on this link to go to a full screen version.

How did you find the prefixes and suffixes activity? Leave a comment to let me know.

W9T2 Pirate Spelling & Kung Fu Sentences

Click on the picture to go to the Pirate Spelling activity. Once you've completed the online activity do the worksheet and paste into your Reading/Language book.

Picture 2

Click on the picture to go to the Kung Fu Sentences activity. Once you've completed the online activity do the worksheet and paste into your Reading/Language book.

Picture 3

W9T2 The Tortise and The Eagle

You will need to collect a worksheet for this task.

Thanks to the "Thinking Things From Snaith" website.

Click on the picture to go to the story.

Read the story on the web then answer the questions on the worksheet - circle the correct answer.

Friday, June 19, 2009

W9T2 Cloze Exercise

Here's another close exercise from "Back in My Day." Read each sentence and click on the drop down box to match the correct word to make it make sense.

When you've finished read it through again and then click on check.

Back In My Day

W9T2 Handwriting

Copy this poem into your handwriting books. Do this in you BEST handwriting. Remember to put today's date at the top and write on every second line. Rule off after you have finished. Remember also that each line of the poem is written as you see it here.

If you're ready to work on your flicks come and get a handwriting card from me instead.

A wise old owl lived in an oak
The more he saw the less he spoke
The less he spoke the more he heard.
Why can't we all be like that wise old bird?

W9T2 Voicethread story

Remember the story we read last week? It was called "Back in My Day" and was a funny story about a dad and his kids.

Look at the pictures in this voicethread. Talk about what is happening in each picture. Then draft your own version of the story. When you're ready, come to me to record it and post it.

Back in My Day Voicethread

Sunday, June 14, 2009

W8T2 Extra for early finishers

Here are a couple more exercises relating to our story 'Back in My Day' that you can do.

Jumbled sentence #1

Jumbled sentence #2

Jumbled sentence #3

There's also a wordsearch you can do - see Ms Fothergill for the sheet.

R/L Task 5 / W8T2 / Back in My Day Cloze

This is a cloze exercise about the story "Back in My Day." The missing words are all things people can do. Click on the dropdown box to see a list of words you can use. Make sure each sentence makes sense. Once you've completed the exercise click on 'check' to see if your answers are correct.

Back in My Day Cloze

Once you've completed the exercise come back to this page, click on comment and tell me what % you got correct. (Don't forget to include your group name!)

R/L Task 4 / W8T2 / Back in My Day

See Ms F for instructions on where to plug the listening post into. Then click on the sound clip underneath these instructions.

Listen to the story "Back in My Day" and follow the words in the journal (p 12).

Once you've done that click here and answer the questions.

Back in My Day Quiz

The Quiz relates to the story. Talk about the questions as a group and complete together - make sure you take turns to use the mouse and make sure you listen to each other.

R/L Task 3 / W8T2 / Handwriting

This is the second half of the poem we did for handwriting last week. (To see the first half click here - there is a question I want you to answer at the end.)

Copy this poem into your handwriting books. Remember to put today's date at the top and write on every second line. Rule off after you have finished. Remember also that each line of the poem is written as you see it here.

My clothes were badly rumpled,
and my eyes were glazed and red.
My binder left a three-ring
indentation in my head.

I slept through class, and probably
I would have slept some more,
except my students woke me
as they headed out the door.

Here is your question:

Having read both halves of the poem, who is the author of the poem? Click on comment and write your answer (don't forget to tell me who you are - and if your group has different answers to the question then write them all down but tell me who thought what.)

R/L Task 2 / W8T2 / Recount publishing

Publish your weekend recount on your chosen comic layout sheet. Do not add words to the comic!

Remember that the best effect for scanning is using coloured felt pen for outlines and jovi or coloured pencil for colouring in.

Then see Ms Fothergill for help recording your script. We will be creating some “voicethreads” with the comic and recorded script.

R/L Task 1 / W8T2 / Recount planning

Do this work in your draft writing book.

Plan a weekend recount. You might like to draft it in writing first or do the pictures first.

Choose a comic layout to use. (Choose from one hanging above the couch.)

Draft pictures to fit the boxes - you must tell your whole recount in one page.

Write a short script for your story. (You will be recording your script later.)

Week 8, Term 2

This week we are organising the Reading/Language tasks a little differently. There are 5 tasks all together to complete over three days (Monday-Wednesday). As a group you will need to decide the order you will do the tasks in.

  1. Recount planning
  2. Recount publishing
  3. Handwriting
  4. "Back in My Day" podcast & quiz
  5. "Back in My Day" cloze exercise
Tasks 2 & 5 cannot be done first - you must do Task 1 before Task 2; and Task 4 before Task 5. Only ONE group can do Task 4 at a time (unless I can find another listening post & headphones!).

If you finish all your tasks you can view the tasks in the "Extra for early finishers" post and then consult the "I'm finished now what can I do?" chart.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

R/L Task 5 Proof read and edit your recount

  1. Go over your recount again. Finish it if you need to. Make sure you have all the elements of a recount in there:

  2. Title

    Orientation (who, what, when, where)

    Events in the order that they happened


  3. Check for spelling mistakes - underline the words you're unsure of.

  4. Get a buddy from your group to read your story with you to make sure it makes sense.

  5. Change any sentences you need to then bring the finished story to me

R/L Task 4 Handwriting

Copy this poem into your handwriting books. Remember to put today's date at the top and write on every second line. Rule off after you have finished.

I fell asleep in class today,
as I was awfully bored.
I laid my head upon my desk
and closed my eyes and snored.

I woke to find a piece of paper
sticking to my face.
I'd slobbered on my textbooks,
and my hair was a disgrace.

R/L Task 3 Group Book

Continue reading your group book. If you have a task card to go with it make sure you complete the tasks in your R/L book.

In the comment section of this post make a list of the book (or books) you are reading.

R/L Task 2 Listening Post

Listen to this week's story: Freedom Flight.

Visit this website and read about Apirana Taylor (the narrator). Then answer these questions as a group - click on comments and write your answers here.

[1] When was Apirana Taylor born?

[2] In what year did he win the 'Te Ha Award for Poetry'?

[3] Name the four countries he travelled to on his poetry tour.

[4] Name the characters in the Freedom Flight story.

[5] What are they?

R/L Task 1 Autumn acrostic poem

As a class we've collected a lot of Autumn words. Use these to help you write an Autumn acrostic poem in your group. Remember that the poem can have more than one word per letter.

If you want an idea of how an acrostic goes check out this one written by an 8 year old boy up in Auckland.

Once your group has brainstormed your ideas click on the comment box and write your acrostic there. Remember to set it out like this:


And don't forget to tell me your group name so I know whose poem it is.